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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Iron Fey Series : Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

Brief Description of the book :-

After being banished from the Faeryland with her Prince, Meghan thought it would be over. That they can start all over again in the mortal world.

Unfortunately, it's not that time for them to rest. They were being drag back into Faeryland to fight a war that demand sacrifices. Some sacrifice that Meghan was unwilling but had to make. Sacrifice that might severs her ties with her beloved Prince Ash.

Would Prince Ash stands by his vows?

Changes is in the air but what would it takes?

My Comments :

Of the four books in the Iron Fey series, this book is by far my favourite.

The reason is that the book is full of raw emotions. The characters were most "alive" here. Very vivid. Am impressed with the sacrifices that they made in the name of love. Not love solely as in male and female relationship, but also of friendship and to the realm.

It's a real page turner. Not a moment of boredom nor lagging to be had.

When you read this, make sure you have a box of tissue paper or hanky by your side.

By the end of the book, I was asking myself..why? why it had to be like this? WHY? Maybe that is why the Author wrote the fourth book.


  1. *high 5* This one is my favourite too. I love the part where they were in war, and at some point, I really wanted to cry...cuz Ironhorse was still helping Meghan all the way, even after his death. I wish, he could have been alive.
    I felt that the death was too soon for him.

    It really touches my heart. I was actually very immersed in the war and the battle description that I did notice that Meghan and Ash did get intimate the night before war. o.O I read this book twice only managed to notice that... amazing...usually I would have noticed the mushiness more than other things!

    Initially, I think the author wanted to stop there, where both Ash and Meghan goes seperate ways after the war, but alot ppl were not satisfied. LOL!

  2. Oh, I didn't know this book or this series would be this sad! In fact, I had no idea what these books were about though I keep seeing it being raved about on the various book blogs. I hope to get round to this series one day. :)

  3. Interesting to read that the fourth installment is your favourite.

  4. Sometimes the right thing to do may not be the best for everyone. I admire meghan's courage to step up on her role in this whole thing.


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