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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Iron Fey Series : Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

In Iron Daughter, Meghan, the half human and half Summer Faery Princess kept her word. She followed Prince Ash back to the Winter Court. There, she sort of a "prisoner with some privilege" to Queen Mab. Nobody believe their words in the existence of Iron Fey.

To her dismay, Prince Ash attitude towards her had turn colder than frozen ice upon returning to the Winter Court and had frequently look at her with disdain.

War looms between Winter Court and Summer when the Scepter of Seasons when missing. Meghan was there when the Scepter when missing but nobody believed her, especially when she the claim that it's the work of the Iron Fey.

Without her power, Meghan could do nothing. She had to depend on her wit for survival and do the best she can to retrieve the Scepter to prevent war.

Offer to help came to her from an unexpected side. Who can she trust? One miss step would prove to be fatal. Could she believe the words of a seemingly traitor?

My Comment:-

Again, the author had me biting my nails anticipating the action and how the story would develop.

I don't know how she do it but she certainly have the talent to bring the story from one height to another. The chemistry between Puck, Meghan and Prince Ash were there. Some would compare them to Jacob, Bella and Edward. However, in my humble opinion, the former combination is better.

Certainly not to be missed.

However, one down side is that I don't think this book could be read without reading the first book in order to understand fully of the sequel of events.

Suitable for young adults and those that are young at heart. Not much gory.


  1. This is better than Bella and her biting hubby lah. >.< Cannot compare Ash to that vegetarian vampire la oi! >.<

    This book had me feel pity for Meg... poor girl must have felt alone, but I just love how the author ended it. Couldn't have ended it any better, and I love how Ash finally open up his heart and be true to it at the end. =D

  2. Ya I love Julie Kagawa's writing! IMHO can't compare puck Meghan and ash with jacob edmund and Bella! No way! :P


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