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Monday, June 6, 2011

Book Lover by Jennifer Kaufman & Karen Mack

Dora is a divorcee who is currently separated with her second husband. She is unemployed and tend to drown herself in books whenever she is unhappy.

The only time she leave the house is to refuel in bookstore. It was during one of these trips which she met Fred, a Tennyson qouting Adonis. He seems to be the perfect guy. That is till tragedy strikes. He was not what he seems to be.

It took me a week to finish this book. I keep hoping that this will get better. Unfortunately it did not.

I find that Dora is a tad too plain and pathetic. Her ex-husband and sister tried to help her out. Unfortunately Dora was too into feeling sorry for herself that she ignored their efforts.

No doubt the main character is Dora, but the whole books seems to be about Dora, Dora and more Dora. Dora the pathetic bookworm, Dora the financially unstable, Dora the loser, Dora the lover and etc.

First divorce she blames the first ex-husband who was too immature. Second divorce she blames the husband who is a society climber. And now Fred, the uncaring man. Makes me think what about herself? She is the one who choose them for all the wrong reason. Who is she to judge them?

She doesn't seems to know what she want out of this life. At first a macho husband. Then when that does not work, maybe a husband with an ambition. And when that doesn't work, she runs away again.

It is very tiring reading how she moan about everything...about how some people read their books, about her financial situation, about what some of her friends did and about how heartless of Fred. It was like she blame everyone except for herself for things that goes wrong in herself and her depression. It was not written directly in the book but that was the impression that I get when I was reading it.

This is my personal opinion only. I am sure there are others who love this book. Each person taste in books are different.


  1. I dun sit too well with chic lit. More often than not, they make me sleep. Very, very good sleeping pills.

    Now, I agree with you. Feeling sorry for yourself for whatever decision you make is no use. If you keep play the blame game and overlook your own faults, den how do you move forward? And what good does it do to you if you keep trying to gain the sympathy of others? Hmmm...a penny for your thoughts indeed.

  2. So this book didn't have a happy ending? Sounds like the girl never overcame her problems.

  3. Hah some people only know how to blame others, and never look at themselves. Relationship is a 2 way thing. When first and second marriage fail, she should figure the problem maybe from her, not her ex-husbands. Anyway, some people just refuse to admit their own mistake.

  4. Cleff

    LOL..I know you...anything i like sure wont suit you :p

  5. Cathy

    you have to read it and see :)

  6. i read this book few years ago. beh tahan! what a disappointment, picked it up cos of the title honestly.

  7. nylusmilk

    me too..coz of the titile :(


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