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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Ivy Chronicles by Karen Quinn

Ivy Ames seems to have everything. Two lovely daughters in private school, a handsome though out of job husband and holds a high position in a corporation. Her life is near to ideal.

But in a blink of an eye, she lost almost everything. She have been retrenched from her high power position. Came home , found her husband in the arms of another woman.

With no job and no husband, her funds is running out fast. They have to make drastic adjustment. The girls being pulled out of Private School. They moved to a cheaper rent rate neighbourhood.

Ivy went for interview but the job still did not materialise.

As she was chatting with her best friend Faith, they discover a niche for Ivy. She is going to go into business. What business is that? To help upscale New Yorkers get their kids into the most exclusive kindergartens in the city.

For the first season, she selected 7 candidates. The job should have been manageable. Simple enough. Just need to coach the parents and the kids what to do and what not to do in order to get the kids accepted into the Kindergarten which they have selected. But that is where the hard part being.

Ivy unknowingly is turning into a person which she can barely recognised. She lies and she cheated. Would she wake up in time to mend her ways?

I  can't connect with the character, Ivy. At times she was a responsible mother trying her best to make ends meet but then she jumps into bed with the first guy that catches her eyes. When she was dump by one guy, she would go to another. 

The issue on getting kids in to exclusive or private school is a hot issue in many country now. Yes, the scenario portrayed in this book is pretty much believable. Parents would go to any lenght to have their kids studying in a good kiddy.

Well, there is still room for improvement in this book.

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