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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Eye of Jade By Diane Wei Liang

Mei is a Private Investigator in the new China. There is no P.I. in China. It's not allowed. Thus, she had to register herself as a Consultant instead of P.I.

She was approached by an old family friend "Uncle Chen" to look for a piece of missing jade from Han Dynasty which is supposedly taken by the Red Guards from the museum during one of the Cultural Revolutions raids.

On top of the investigation, her mother was taken ill suddenly. She had to worry about her mother and she had to deal with her gorgeous but self-centred younger sister who is married to a rich man.

There seems to be many layers of deceptions here. During the investigation, Mei found out that things might be link to her family.

I find that this book is rather slow paced for a suspense/thriller type of book. Mentioned and elaborated a lot on Mei's relationship with her mother and younger sister instead of the investigation. Seems like it is a secondary issue.

The plot at the ending was rather confusing on how everything was linked up. I sense that this book could have done better and need some improvement.


  1. Slow for a thriller? Then it's a killjoy. :(

  2. We share similar feelings about this book.

  3. We share similar views on this book. Read mine at

  4. We share similar views on this book. Read mine at :)

  5. Purple Fairy Queen

    Glad to know someone with the same feelings


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