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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Death Spins The Platter by Ellery Queen

Thomas Heng, a former colleague of mine introduced Ellery Queen(EQ) books to me. Since then I tried to get my hands on as many EQ books as possible.

He gave me a compilation of EQ's short stories. He got duplicate. Too bad I lend it to another person and that person never return the book to me. I really hate it when things like this happen.

Anyway, I was delighted to find this novel at one of the Pay Less Books Warehouse Sale.

Tutter King was a Star disc jockey. But then he was link to something shameful. During his final show, he announced that there will be a special announcement at the end of the show. During the intermission,  he was found dead in the dressing room with an ice pick in his chest.

There are the usual suspects. The low profile wife, the slutty mistress, the employer and the colleague. A reporter, Jim Layton, a reporter is trying to uncover the truth.

I may say this is not one of their(EQ is the pseudonym for two cousins) better book. Not much of a challenge in finding out the murderer. The pace of the story was quite slow in comparison to their other stories.


  1. Which reminds me... I still have a couple of your books with me. Finished reading liao... remind me to return u next round.


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