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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lucy In The Sky by Paige Toon

Summary :

It has been 9 years since Lucy left Australia and have not seen her bestie Molly and Sam for that length of time. Sam was once the love of her life and now the both of them are getting married. Lucy had to attend their wedding.

She felt that she had got over Sam as she have now a gorgeous boyfriend James who is a successful lawyer.

However, as she got onto the plane, a text message came in which made her life turned upside down. What worst is that when she got to Australia, she became attracted to Sam's little brother, Nathan.

Oh what one hand a "perfect boyfriend" and at the other "the love of her life".


Gosh Can't believe myself. It has been one month since the last I posted. Getting lazy. Nah...too many books to read and not enough time for book reviews.

I have read this book a few weeks ago and found that it brings a smile to me.

Actually if you just "read" it like that, there doesn't seems to be anything special about this book. At certain parts, you might feel irritated by the heroine's attitude where she kept hanging in "limbo".

What attracts me in this book is the feeling of "young love". The anticipation of what life will bring on the next level. The sense of wonder. The "what if". It's like there is a million possibility going on. Should she choose what she is familiar with or should she goes for the unknown?

Maybe am just an foolish old fool but it feel good to read something light like this.

Am rating this 4 stars out of 5 in my goodreads

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