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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tales From The Kopitiam Vol 1, Vol 2 & Vol 3 by Andrew Lim

Summary :

These are collection of short stories of paranormal activities that would send shivers down your spine. Most stories are based in Singapore.

Among the stories in Vol 1 are :-

"Little Boy Bad" where Lim Poh Choo and her children moved into a new apartment and they found that an evil spirit had already occupied the apartment.

"The Devil Blade"  where Mr Seah bought an antique dagger from a shop in Chinatown and discovered that his life have changed forever. Nightmare and murders started.

"Ghost at My Door " where Shamsul and his mother had a surprise visit from his good friend Farouk. But then, aren't Farouk supposed to be in Tokyo

PLUS 16 other stories

Among the stories in Vol 2 are :-

"Fangs" what would you do if your baby is born with teeth and had acquired a taste for human flesh?

"Green Warrior". Have you watch reality show where Paranormal Investigator go to haunted house? Well, in this story, two Paranormal Investigators encounter the ghost of Japanese soldier

"Shophouse Curse". What would you do if you encounter shophouse that has been cursed? You can't demolish it to build new project.

PLUS 12 other stories

And in Vol 3 :-

"My darling Pontianak"  When Tham Kok Wei sees a Pontianak(a vampiric ghost in Malay) in his garden and it was love at first sight.

"The Ghosts of the Sunset Hotel " guests are terrified when they see a dark-suited ghost floating through the hotel corridors. When they begin to see burning apparitions in their rooms, things starts to get out of control

"One Less For dinner" A group of friends goes for dinner and one of then gets a fortune cookies that reads "Next time there will be one less for dinner" and the next thing they knew one friend was dead. The next reunion, will they have the same fortune?

Plus 13 other stories

My Comments :

These are actually not my books. In fact am too "chicken" to buy and read these books as I know that I would not get a good night sleep after reading them.

Actually , a friend asked me to get them for her from the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale.

Seeing these book sitting there waiting to be pass to my friend was just too much temptation.

Can't help myself from taking a peek on Volume 1. Am surprised that i find myself got caught in the book. The stories actually were not as terrifying as some others that I have read. In fact it was quite enjoyable.

I like Volume 1 and Volume 2 as the stories are more interesting to me. It have the "scare" factor and the "ironic and mysterious" factor like in the "Twilight Zone Series".

Volume 3 was okay. Could be due to me reading 3 books from the same author continuously hence the "surprise" factor had diminished.

Overall, am quite pleased with the stories. I wonder if they have anymore left for the Big Bad Wolf Books AfterMath Sale(if any)

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