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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler

Michael and Pauline met for the first time in his mother's grocery shop. Pauline was hurt and she was brought into the shop by her two girlfriends. Michael was attracted to her despite their different background.

Red hot romance blossomed. War is just around the corner. Michael volunteered to join the armed forces. It was one of those War time romance. Pretty soon they got married and settled down at the grocery store.

Not all were rosy. The babies came on after another. Sometimes they quarrel. Pauline was not satisfied with staying upstairs of the grocery store. Understandable that she wanted a home of their own.

A few years later, they managed to move to a home of their own at a better neighbourhood. And yet, things slowly came undone

Anne Tyler managed to capture the mood of that era in this book. It's easy to digest why they got married and things like that. Only when near the ending, things was a bit dull.

The one thing I don't like about this book is the font. It is very tiny and hard to read. Am not sure why the font is so tiny. Is it to save paper so that can cut cost in printing or if there are any other reason?

I bought this book solely because of Anne Tyler is such a good author and I often enjoy her books very much. Otherwise, I would not buy it at all due to the tiny fonts. If there are any authors out there reading this blog post, do consider the font when you intend to publish your book,


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