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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Adventures of Amir Hamza by Ghalib Lakhnavi & Abdullah Bilgrami


The story in this book is something like The Arabian Nights Tales.

Amir Hamza was born under a lucky star. He was destine to do great things and to be a great man. Helping him was Amar Ayyar, his best friend who is the world greatest trickster.  

Before Amir Hamza was born, it was written in the stars that he is destined to save Persian Emperor, Naushervan's crown.And that he did. But at the same time, he fell madly in love with Naushervan's daughter, Princess Mehr-Nigar.

However, there are those who are in the court of Emperor Naushevan who hates him. And they poisoned the Emperor's mind against him. Emperor Naushevan gave him many dangerous and near impossible task. Amir Hamza travelled far and wide accomplish those task. Through his journey, he was endlessly challenged by human, magical creatures, Djinns and demons. He managed to defeat them with the help of his best friend Amar. He welcomed those who are willing to convert to the True Faith of Islam and destroy those who don't. In between, he also met and loves many lovely females.

It's a really beautiful tale. The wordings were flowery and meaningful.

However, I think I would love it more if it's translated into the Malay language like what I've read in Hikayat Seribu Satu Malam.

In my opinion, the book should have been name The Adventures of Amar Ayyar because Amar seems to outshine Amir Hamza. I couldn't help laughing at the tricks he played on people and marvel at all his brilliant ideas.

To enjoy this book, it have to be read with and open mind. Please do not let the differences in religion to hinder the joy of reading it.

I am glad that I found this Hardcover copy at the Big Bad Wolf Sale last year at RM8 only. What a great bargain.


  1. Sounds like a really good fairy tale adventure story... WOW!

  2. Sounds very interesting story. But I hope the names used are easier and shorter. I always get confused with such long name and sounds similar also.

  3. Chee Yee

    The names are long wor...some names are similar..hahaha


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