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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Once Removed By Andrew Leci

I bought this book from BookXcess a few days ago. Excited to read this after a reader commented she liked this book.

It was 1997. Malaysia turning into a developed nation. Andrew have been in Malaysia as a Quantity Surveyor for about 6 months. On top of working he is looking for love and a good time. Unfortunately, he looked for them at the wrong places.

He was "abused", jilted and put on the spot on many occasions. On top of constantly getting a bad hangover, he also had blackout" on at least two occasion and both which come back to haunt him later.

His ignorance on the local language and custom leads to many hilarious and embarrassing moments.

The book is written in a journal form, starting from 1ts January 1997 to 30 June 1997. It's very amusing to read. It is really fun to "see" Malaysia from the view point of an Ang Moh.

Love the way he narrate the story of Natalie. It made me laugh out loud. The story of his relationship with Shanti is also a gem.

I don;t think there is any part of the story which I don't like. He is real brave for daring to poke fun of certain quarters.

Overall a good read

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