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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brothers by Yu Hua

Baldy Li and Song Gang are step brothers. Baldy's mother married Song Gang's father after Song Gang's mother pass away.

At first their parents was worried that the boys might fight. However, the boys got on fine and become inseparable. Song Gang was the quiet and gentlemanly type while Baldy was rather coarse.

Then comes the cultural revolution which resulted in Song Gang's father demise. Baldy Li's mother was unable to take care of both boys. Hence Song Gang was given back to his grandfather to take care.

This did not hinder the good relationship between the two brothers. They are still as thick as thieves.

When Baldy Li's mother pass away, Song Gang promised to take care of Baldy no matter what.

As they grow older, Baldy start to look for a wife. And he was attracted to the town's beauty, Lin Hong, whose butt he peeped when he was just 14 years old. He become notorious in the town because of that incident. Lin Hong hates his guts but she was attracted to Song Gang.

Song Gang being the big brother, was willing to forgo his own happiness. However, it was not meant to be.

The ties between the two brothers was "disrupted". Each went their separate ways. They lived their separate lives and Baldy got richer by the day. However, this is not the end of the story.

A very captivating story. There are parts where the story is rather coarse and seems to be overly exaggerated. I kind of want to vomit when the author describe how Baldy's father died from peeking at women bottom.

The author put the Cultural Revolution in a different perspective. It's very refreshing to see it from the innocents boys eyes who thought nothing much of it while the adults fear for their lives.

However, the part after Baldy got rich and held the Virgin Contest was unrealistic.

Overall, I love the Baldy Li's character and disliked Lin Hong.


  1. Haha u know I've been reading Chinese novels online right. Mostly are not realistic also. :)

  2. this one not bad. AT least wont cry like mad or feel depressed


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