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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Girl On The Landing by Paul Torday

Elizabeth has been married to Michael for 10 years. She married him because she was fond of him rather than love him. He can give her the emotional and financial security. He is pretty well off. Owns land in Scotland. They occasionally went to visit Beinn Caorrun, a gloomy house which he had inherited. Even with that they life that they live was monotonous. Everything were predicable.

That is till the went on a holiday in Ireland. In the holiday house, Michael thought he saw the figure of a girl in a picture on a landing. But when he went to inspect further later, he found that it looks like just a smudge.

After the vacation, Elizabeth noticed that Michael started to change. He is more spontaneous and fun. She likes the new Michael very much and felt she could fall in love with this man.

Sad to say, Michael's past start to catch up with him. Elizabeth slowly found out things from his past and got to know the reason for his changed behaviour. Things that is dangerous for her to know.

This book is more fascinating than The Irresistible Inheritance of Wilberforce. It;s more mysterious and a hint of dark forces at work.

The plot was very skillfully woven and the tension was there till the very end.

Am glad The Big Bad Wolf Sale allows me to discover another author whose work I like pretty much.


  1. Sounds like a good book. Very interesting story. Is that mean Michael don't love Elizabeth too?

  2. He love her but he cant help himself doing certain things.

  3. Wahhhh... her hubby sotplug after go vacation? Chamz lorrr...

  4. Cleffairy

    Memang sotplug alredy one but she tarak tau.


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