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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Broker By John Grisham

Joel Backman was nickname the Broker as he is a genius in making deals. One day, a deal went awry. One by one those who were involved was murdered. He packed his bag and "confessed" his crime. He was jailed in a maximum security prison for his own safety.

After 6 years, the out going President gave him a last minute Presidential Pardon at the request from the CIA. The condition of the pardon is that he have to leave the country and live under a new name.

He was smuggled out from the country and given a new identity.

However, he still does not feels secured as sometime seems to be amissed. Why did the CIA wants him out of the prison when so many parties wish him dead?

He tries his most to learn the truth and to find safety though he is like a newborn baby who need CIA to keep holding his hands.

I have read this book a few years ago. Came across this book again when I was looking for something in the storeroom.  Read the synopsis and found that I have forgotten much of the story. Hence the interest to re-read this again.

Found that the beginning and the middle are very interesting. The suspense was there. But by the ending, the suspense just couldn't keep up. Many things just seems to coincidentally fell in step. It doesn't seem very believable.

Like the part where CIA supposed to follow him 24/7 and there are tracking devices in his clothing. Why CIA does not feel suspicious when he took off to go and meet up with Rudolph?

How can someone who is computer illiterate suddenly become techno savvy after reading 2 pages of instructions from his son? The CIA supposed to monitor the son's movement. How can the son withdraw huge sum from his account to buy and send Joel a handset without the CIA noticing that? All seems to be lump into negligence.

He was in the hit list of so many country and everything suddenly stopped just because he hand over the disc?

Despite my grouses, this is still not a bad book to read.


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