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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Villa In Italy by Elizabeth Edmondson

I got this book from BookXcess to make up the amount in order to get the Members Discount price. Typical "kiasu" of me. Well, no regrets there.

The story is about four people from different background received a letter from solicitor telling them that a Beatrice Malaspina had bequest them something. Beatrice Malaspina was an unknown person to them. They were required to travel to a Villa in Italy to claim the bequest.

The four persons were :-

Delia, an opera singer
George , an atom scientist
Marjorie, a detective novelist
Lucius, a Boston Banker

When they arrived, they found that even the solicitor doesn't know what is inside the Will. There was instruction from this mysterious Beatrice that they are to stay in the Villa for 33 days to search for the Will. Failing which, their bequest would be donated to some organisation which they truly detest. And the search begins.

There is a little bit of everything in this delightful novel. Each of them have their own secret past and the sadness cum regrets that they had to bear till today.

The beginning for the novel was interesting. The pace slowed a bit by the middle of the book. Nevertheless it still holds my attention. Bits and pieces start to reveal themselves. Mainly of the four person's past. Mystery still continues on. Nobody seems to know how Beatrice managed to get so much personal information about them and knew their darkest secrets.

The end of the book was very fast paced. There are some parts where I felt lost on who is related to who.

Overall, it was a relaxing read. A charming book. A mystery with a hint of romance.


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