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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Devil In Me by David Kraal

I nearly miss out this book during The BBWS last round. It was hidden at a corner. I spotted this book only on my 3rd or 4th round at the same table after the "kiasu mode" strike.

You see, I am actually like "Katak Dibawah Tempurung"(Frog Under the Coconut Shell, means not world wise). I didn't know David Kraal is a celebrity in Singapore.

Frankly, the cover was not that attractive. What attracted me to this book was the word "Devil" and "Singapore".

At first I thought it's another travel book about Singapore written by an Ang Moh. What the was The Fire Sale. RM5 only. I have nothing much to loose if it turns out to be no good.

Finally read this book. Wow! it's a really interesting book. David Kraal is a veteran journalist in Singapore. This book is a compilation of his columns from The Straits Times. He shares with readers his observation and thoughts about life in Singapore. Not only that. There are stories of his family life too.

Nowadays, when we say "Singapore" words like "Kiasu" and "Strict" comes to the minds of many people. Mostly due to jokes circulated in the Internet. However, David Kraal gave me a very different impression of Singapore and highlighted the uniqueness of Singapore.

It's a really good book to sink my teeth into and this review does not really do the book any justice as my words are clumsy.


  1. Not all Singaporeans are kiasu. I have one Singaporean friend who is very friendly and helpful. I always thought he's the rare species. LOL!

  2. Chee Yee

    Coz of all the E-mail la.People thinks all Singaporean are Kiasu LOL

  3. Chamzz... Cheeyee lucky... most of my SG friends are the kiasu kind...


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