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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Nyonya In Texas by Lee Su Kim

Picked up this book not so long ago from BookXcess through their Facebook.

So far I have read so many books from Angmoh describing life in Malaysia. But very seldom did I managed to find books about Malaysia describing their stay in Overseas. The closes I can find was Yvonne Lee's books about her life as a Air Stewardess.

In this book, Lee Su Kim describe her life in Texas and the initial cultural shock when she arrived there. Hmm...rupa-rupanya, Mat Salleh also have their quirks.

A very fun book to read. Love the art where she poke fun of the Mat Salleh and even Malaysian over there. Some remarks was rather pedas.

I rate this as a great read. Finished this overnight.


  1. i read this book some time ago and loved it too! usually books by malaysian authors i'm not too impressed but i really enjoyed this one.

  2. nylusmilk

    There are still some very good books by Msian Author. Am still waiting to get my hands on the book called "Taikor"

  3. Chee Yee

    Hope you enjoy this book too la

  4. Huh... I tink this one looks like not bad. poke fun like how? Like the Inspektor Singh kah?

  5. Cleffairy

    No la...Inspector Singh is fiction. This one is real story. Her experience living in Texas as an Expat.

    Very funny the part where she commented those Mat Salleh doesn't understand English.


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