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Friday, February 11, 2011

Bangkok Days by Lawrence Osborne

Speak of Bangkok, all kinds of thoughts would comes to mind. City of entertainment and tourist attraction. People comes to Bangkok for Many reasons but Lawrence Osborne comes to Bangkok for its cheap dentistry.

He found that he can live in Bangkok for just a few dollars a day. He preceeded to explore Bangkok. There he venture to No Hand Restaurant where he was feed by the waitress and he was not allowed to use his hands. There was the story where he waited at the Bar to be pick up by women who would pay him for sex.

The things he described should have been interesting and exciting but from the way it was written, I feel it's a bit of tedious. I find that I cannot "connect" with his style of writing.

Well, one man poison is another man's meat. I may not like this book but others may love it.


  1. We could not possible like all books and authors. Sure there are some that not click with us.

  2. Er... if u hate this book, there's huge possibility that I will like it. Pinjam next round?

  3. CLeffairy

    Rolls eyes...ya la...anything i can't masuk otak, you will sure love. Hahahaha. Okie...till next time la


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