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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Message In A Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

I like to state that I hate Nicholas Sparks books. But like a moth to the sparks of a candle, I am fatally attracted to them.

A Message In A Bottle is no difference from his other books and yet he still managed to come up with something that pull the readers' heart string.

Theresa a divorcee with a twelve year old son though she would never love again. Never wanted to open her heart to be hurt again. That is until one fateful day when she saw a bottle on the beach. She thought she was going to do a good deed for the environment by picking up the bottle to throw it into the rubbish bin.

Then she saw it was not and ordinary bottle. In it, there was a letter. Her fate was in the letter.

It was a love letter from someone name Garrett addressed to Catherine.It was a very moving letter. She cried when she read it.

at the persuasion of her mentor, the letter was published in her news paper column. She received a lot of respond from readers about the letter and there was one particular reader who persistently wanted to talk to her. There she for the second letter also from Garrett to Catherine with the same tone it was written in the first letter. Then she came upon the third letter.

This aroused her curiosity and she started to dig around. She found the real Garrett and went to see him.

The two of them hit it off immediately. But would they be able to put their past behind and look forward to the future?

Well, here is where the wonderful Nicholas Sparks put an unexpected ending to the story. Gosh...I really hate his books.....


  1. You attracted to it because of the unexpected ending is it? LOL!

    Btw, is there a person Catherine? Or that Garrett just simply write the Love letters for fun?

  2. I've read this book many years ago and was really sad about the ending..I think there's a movie with the same title starring Kevin Costner in 1999..I watched the movie first then read the book..

  3. There's a movie in 1999 starring Kevin Costner as Garret, I watched it first before I read the book. The ending is really sad..but maybe that's the way to show that those two are not meant to be together :(

  4. Chee Yee

    No la...the way it's written very good and moving lo. Yes, there is a person by the name of Catherine. It was his wife

  5. Mamaseni

    Yes, very sad. Something like the song that goes "25 minutes too late...."

    But all his novel also like this. Some sort of sad ending or a hint of sadness.


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