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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dragon Rider By Cornelia Funke

I was apprehensive whether to buy this book or not during the last BBWS as it looked a bit "young" for me.

I am glad I bought it in the end coz the other day I really need some "happy book" to read after reading Peony In Love. That was a very good but sad book.

Dragon Rider is about a quest taken on by Firedrake, a brave young dragon. The dragon have been in hiding from human for a long time because human likes to kill them. They hid in a peaceful valley but one day the serenity of the place was broken by bad news. The humans are coming. The dragons will have to find a new place to hide.

Then come a story from the old ones that there was once such a place long time ago where the dragons originated from. It was called The Rim Of Heaven. However, it was so long ago that nobody remembered where it s located and many thought it was just a myth.

Firedrake would not give up and he volunteered to go and seek out this place. The old ones cautioned him to beware of "The Golden One".

Hence Firedrake set off in search of Rim of Heaven. Along the way he had many magical adventures. Made some friends who helped him in his quest. However, his quest also attracted the attention of The Golden One, who wish to seek out and destroy every dragons.

This is a very good book to read especially for teens and those who love fantasy. It was like East meet West. The dragon, brownies, elves and fairies were very much western. It was very entertaining when she add in Djinn and Lama. No regrets in getting this book.


  1. eee, can i borrow this with the pearl of china book? and any nicholas sparks books except 'the notebook' cos i read that already. hehe...

  2. Nylusmilk

    Can. Drop at the usual place. Will let u know when i drop. I have two Nicholas Sparks. The Choice and Dear John. The rest friend lend me punya


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