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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Great Selections of Books Found in BookXcess This May

I have been rather busy lately. Hence neglected this blog for quite some time.

I was wondering what new books have graced the shelves in one of my favourite book store.

Last week I managed to drop by, BookXcess to check out their Mother's Day Promotion. Missed out on their World Book Day Promotion.

I did not expect much when I glance through their "New Arrival for May 2012" photos in Facebook. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised by the great books that I found there during my short time in the store. Here are some of them.

And don't you just drool on these books that are priced RM10 and below???

And here are somethings for the kids. A lot of goodies in the bin and on the shelves

The above were just a tiny portion of what they have in the store. I have not venture into the Non-fiction realm nor the cook books realms. There are a lot more stuffs there.

Anyway, this is just a sharing post. Not a paid post nor review. Thought maybe some readers there would like to get their hands on some less pricey books.



  1. How to know? Lately the damn BX tarak upload much book selection into their fb. >.< Geez. If u dun post up here, i wun even know that they sell Superman illustrated books there!

  2. LOVE this post ! :) So many booooks ! I need to make my way there ! Haha

  3. Quite a number of titles and choices. Did u manage to grab anything?

  4. My idea of heaven, so many books to be read, if only there were more hours in the day.

  5. OMG the Enid Blyton's bedtime stories! But it still looks expensive ler.

  6. It drives me craazyyyy... LOL.
    Err.. did they sell online or not?

  7. Hi,
    first time here and am delighted to know another fan of Bookxcess! That place is heaven-sent for me :)
    Did you get any books that day?


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