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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Mad Housewife Diary by Chew Lee Li

Story is written in the form of diary entry starting from 3rd March to 19th August.

Mainly is about  Andie Ang Poh Choo who lives a privileged life in Singapore. She is married to a filthy rich banker. Lives in grand apartment in the upscale part of the town. Spends her time having lunches and tea with her friends. She does not need to lift a finger to do house chores as she have a made to take care of the dirty work and take care of her kids.

However, her life is not picture perfect. Her husband received news that he is in danger to be made redundant when the Banks merged. And there seems to be a malicious person who purposely damaged her husband's car.

My Comments:

I was attracted to the synopsis at the back of the book. At first, I thought this is would be like others Chick-lit. However, I was wrong.

The pace of this book is too slow for me. The "exciting part only comes after reading more than half of the book.

The threat of redundancy was lack of suspense.

The part that I like is about the maid and her boyfriend. I also like the part where their car were being scratched and they tried to find the culprit.

I also like the book being presented in a diary entry manner. It give a time line to the story and enable to to judge how much time had lapsed after a certain event happen.

Overall, this is not a book that I enjoyed. Nevertheless, I think my friend Cleffairy will love this book very much as we are directly opposite in terms of reading. Anything that I like she would dislike and vice versa.

Hence, feel free to give this book a try. Maybe you will love it

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