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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Life Is Like "The Never Ending Story" by Micheal Ende

I spent most of my school time in the Library. It's like a safe heaven for me. Maybe that was why I became a Librarian. I could still remember the fateful day. It was raining, I was on duty. One of my duty was to make sure no dusts gather at the shelevs.

As I was cleaning up the shelves, a book "plonk!" fell on my head. Shoot! It nearly broken my specs! Guess which book it was. No prize in guessing the correct answer.

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The book was 'Neverending Story' by Micheal Ende. It did not look interesting, and the cover looks ancient. And most of all I detest reading English books. But somehow, something made me pick it up...(Ok, ok...I had to pick it up coz I had to tidy the place).

I glance on the summary. I have watched that particular movie before but never read the book. Then I thought, why not?

That book, 'The Neverending Story' is the magical book that made me a bookworm today. This is the book that's responsible for all my shopaholic rampage during  Big Bad Wolf Sale  and  BookXcess promo.

It's a life altering book as it brought me into the fantastic world of Bastian, a cowardish boy who stole a magical book of the same name from a bookstore, 'Neverending Story' and became a part of the world in the story, Fantasia.

The boy, whom I can really relate to during that time of my life suddenly became a part of something and has a mission to fulfil. The fate of Fantasia was in his hands, and oh, this book is such a joy to read.
There's amazing adventures, a story in a story, and memorable characters that will be a part of my life forever. This is a magical book to me. It enchanted me and turned me into a bookworm. This is a book that's beyond 5 stars.

I used to think that English books are just too difficult to read, but this book made me changed my mind, and for the first time in my life, I started to save my money to buy more and more books, a habit that I stick to til this very day.

Thanks to this book, I am now able to appreciate books and thanks to this book too, I am able to unleash my imagination and travel all around the world without even getting out of my bedroom.

I think, everyone have a life altering book. 'Neverending Story' is a book that changed my life. What is yours?


  1. Oh, I've seen the film but didn't realise it was adapted from a book, I'll have to check this out.

  2. Petty

    Thanks for dropping by.

    I saw this movie when I was young. Was delighted when I discover there is a book about the least that was what I thought then. But now am wiser. Knew that the movie is based on this book. I still skipped reading the part where Atreyu's horse sink to the swrap

  3. this book really is good. one of the book i wish to reread when i am not busy with tv series. *faint*

  4. Ah, one of my favorites....visiting from vb and following.

  5. Goldflower

    LOL too many books too little time

  6. Lisa

    do come again and thanks for dropping by


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