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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Italian for Beginners by Kristin Harmel

I guess I am getting hooked with the Little Black Dress books.

In this book, Cat is younger sister is getting married and at the reception tongues are wagging about her. She is the eldest daughter and yet she is still single. Some aunts commented that she is too choosy and stuffs like that.

That is totally not true. She just had too many responsibility to deal with. Moreover, something happened in the past with her mother had affected her greatly as compared to her younger sister and father.

Deep down inside she was lonely and had wanted to have someone to love and to be loved too. Then a chance came. She was invited to go to Italy. Still she doubted. Her dad and bestie urged her on and a disastrous date gave her the umph that she needed to pluck up her courage.

Everything was confirmed and booked that is until her younger sister acted up.That was how she end up in Italy without much money in her name and no place stay after a blow up with her ex-boyfriend.

With no money and too ashamed to turn back home with her tail between her legs, she journey on.

It was a fun adventure reading this book. It gives a fresh and happier outlook in life. Gives hope that there are still some people out that who truly cares about you instead of just using you. And that all broken heart can be mended. And that bad things that happen are actually a blessing in disguise.

Yes, this is a good book to read when you are feeling down.

I think, among the 3 Little Black Dress book that I have read, this is the best.


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  2. Sounds like a good read, thanks for recommending it.

  3. Petty

    This book works for me. It depend on individual preference

  4. i read this but don't remember enjoying it. so far all the little black books i've read disappointed me. :(

  5. nylusmilk

    come come dump them to me ;)


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