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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Monkey Bridge by Lan Cao

The moment I saw this book on display at BookXcess and noticed the author's unique name, I said to myself "I've gotta have it".

Didn't even see the synopsis to check what's the story is about. Moreover, it's cheap at RM14-90.

When I came home I noticed it's a story written by Lan Cao, Vietnamese who left Vietnam and is now residing in New York

The story is about a young girl, Mai, who left Vietnam on the very day which Saigon fell. She was joined by her mother Thanh a few months later. Her grand father, Baba Quan was supposed to join her mother on that trip but for some unknown reason he did not made it.

This issue had haunted Thanh and Mai. Mai had tried several avenue to locate her grandfather. Through this effort she somehow dug up some dark secret of her family.

It's really lovely to read how the story unfolds chapter by chapter. The author is brilliant in keeping the tale hanging till the very end.

The character, Mai, was very vivid. The way she portray the contrast between living in Vietnam and America is real eye opening. Somethings that seems normal to most people could be offensive to others . For example the part where Mai and her mother in a supermarket and the way the cashier summon them to a newly open counter. The cashier meant well, but Thanh thinks the gestures was rude. This is what makes this novel seems so real.

Love it


  1. We went to BookXcess Amcorp Mall the day I saw your post. My hubby went in the shop with happy face and came out with AngryBird face, as I spent RM400 just for children books. I was prohibited to go there again!

  2. Caca

    Wakakaka...but it's worth it right? Kids books price are 1/3 of what are selling at other places. You should have gone last Xmas. Lagi crazy. All those musical books less than RM30!

    Dont forget to go for the Big Bad Wolf Sale this Oct. I think you will spend RM4k instead of RM400

  3. What a fascinating title, so glad you enjoyed this as much, thanks for recommending it.


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