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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Girl From Mars by Julie Cohen

I bought this book due to "kiasuness". Needed a few more ringgit in order to enjoy Member'sDiscount from BookXcess.

Am happy to say that I did not regret getting this book. It's a light hearted book. I wonder how to classify this book. Chit-Lit or Romance?

Well, story is about 4 best friends. Philomena, Jim, Digger and Stevo. The friendship cracked when Stevo met someone whom he fell in love with. The other three felt they were left in a lurch.

One night when all three were drunk, they made a pact. That is they would not date other people. They had no time or uses for romance in their life and that no matter what their friendship would comes first.

Guess, you can guess what ensued after the pact was made.

This is indeed a fun to read book.


  1. Sometimes I wonder, what's the difference between chic-lit and romance? o.O

  2. Cleffairy

    Not much I guess. All ending are mostly happy endings

  3. To me, chic-lit more centralized on the woman side. And less on the man side.

  4. Chee Yee

    it's Chick-lit but the "Chick" sound like those "Chick" at Lorong Hj Taib so I changed it to Chit-lit lor

    Anyway Chick Lit is a genre meant for ladies. It's supposed to be mostly about ladies. No surprise if its centralise on the woman side. Noticed most Chit Lit authors are ladies.

    Maybe one ofthese days there will be a "hunk Lit" genre. I bet our friend will be the 1st one to grab it :p

  5. In comic, there is something mostly talk abt hero one. Guy stuff. hehe.

  6. Chee Yee

    Shhh...later our friend go and "boil" superman shows again LOL


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