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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle by Russell Miller

Guess, there is no need for introduction when ones mention Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A mention of his name for avid reader will sparks a spontaneous respond "Sherlock Holmes?"

I was delighted when I saw this autobiography of Arthur Conan Doyle at the Non-Fiction section at Bookxcess.

It was a good read. To get to know the personal life of the man behind the famous Sherlock Holmes figure had indeed been very interesting.

Russell Miller did a splendid job on this book.

Sir Arthur family was quite poor when he was young. His father was an alcoholic and subsequently hospitalised for mental illness.

Despite all these, Arthur managed to do quite well in life. He married his first wife and had children but he then fell in love with another woman while his wife was dying with tuberculosis,

He become famous when the public fell in love with Sherlock Holmes. There was a public outcry when he decided to "killed" off Sherlock Holmes. In fact, an old lady smacked him with her handbag.

He had also championed many good cause. And later in life, he developed an interest in Spiritualism.

I think those who love "Sherlock Holmes" will find this book pretty interesting and eye opening.


  1. I tink i have this book somewhere... my dad gave it to me... haven't read it yet, though.


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