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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Emily The Strange : Stranger and Stranger by Rob Reger and Jessica Gruner.

This is the second Emily The Strange book that I have read.

In this book, Emily, some what of an inventor with a mischievous strike got in trouble when she accidentally created a duplicate of herself.

Maybe that's why the synopsis at the back of the book says Double Trouble?

In the beginning, all are well. But at a longer time, more and more strange things happened.

For example the fake Emily trying to kill her when she was sleeping or that her golem, Raven, was holding an axe as Emily woke up.

Then there is the curious case of their neighbor, Venus Fang Fang who seems to have a grudge against Emily.

This book reminds me of us human have their good and evil sides. Just like in Harry Potter, there was a scene where even Dumbledore dare not trust Harry completely. Even Harry himself was afraid that his evil side would take over.

Frankly, I enjoyed this book more than "Emily The Strange : The Lost Days". Could be attributed to I have grown accustomed to their style of writing or that the story in this book is easier to understand. Good versus evil

I recommend this book for young adult both boys and girls.


  1. Good to hear of a book that will appeal to both boys and girls, thanks for recommending it.

  2. Petty

    Something new apart from the current trend of vampire stories

  3. really? i tried to read but gave up after the first few pages. too young for me i think! haha.

  4. nylusmilk

    I like it better than the 1st book. This one the story can understand more ler

  5. cant wait to read this hehehehehe..


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