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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Diplomatic Corpse by Anne Marshall Zwack

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When Maggie's husband, smooth, silver-haired, patrician Jeremy, the British Ambassador to Vienna, drops dead unexpectedly of a heart attack, she is stunned.

But her shock soon turns to fury when she discovers that he died in the arms of a beautiful blonde Viennese hostess - and that moreover while she, Maggie, was expected to make all sorts of domestic economies on behalf of the British tax-payer, Jeremy and the athletic Mausie had been indulging in expensive sea-food dinners, skiing trips and all manner of luxuries. But Mausie turns out to be, as it were, only the tip of the iceberg.

As Maggie uncovers a trail of infidelities conducted under her nose in every one of the European cities she had so dutifully made her home in Jeremy's majestic wake, she determines to exact her revenge.

With Zoltan, Jeremy's mournful Hungarian driver, she embarks on a magnificent Grand Tour of their former postings, wreaking a pleasurable havoc wherever she goes.

Along the way, Maggie undergoes her own transformation and learns to re-evaluate her marriage, her own abilities - and just who her friends really are!

My Comments:

Picked up this book from the Big Bad Wolf (BBWS) 2011. I thought it would be just another mindless Chick lit.

However it turns out to be quite different. For me it was entertaining full of humor.

The story like is funny and witty. Maggie is a genius in thinking up uncoventional plans to extract revenge against those who had wronged her.

It's something like Olivia Goldsmith's "The First Wives Clubs" less the heavy discussion stuff.

I guess, it's a good read if one is in need of some cheering up.

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  1. Glad to hear this was such a fun read, it sounds like a great holiday read.


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