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Monday, December 12, 2011

Emily The Strange : The Lost Days by Rob Reger & Jessica Gruner

I stumbled upon this book at The Subang Jaya Book Exchange Programme.

I picked it up due to it's unique cover.

When I open the 1st page, I discovered the print is upside down. After careful thinking, I guess it's not printing error. It is done purposely for marketing purposes maybe.

Anyway, this caused me to examine this book further.

I discovered that it's being written in a unique way. The book is full of illustration and at times, point form is used. Very interesting.

The story is about this 13 year old girl called Emily. She "appeared" in the small town of Blackrock without her memory.

She got no identity. Nothing on her that can give any clue on who she is and what she is doing there.

Temporary she stayed in an old refrigerator cardboard box behind the town bar cum Museum cum others.

In her search for her identity, she met the mysterious monosyllable Raven and weird kid with a parrot Jakey. More suspense awaits as she gradually found out more about herself.

I sort of like this book coz it's so unconventional. Don't expect logic in this book. It's really wonderful to immerse myself into the mysterious and strange world that has been created by Rob Reger and Jessica Gruner.

To me this book suit young adult no matter if is a boy or girl.


  1. i like that the book cover is upside down. obviously a printing defect but when people you look you it's as though you're reading the book upside down!

  2. Nylusmilk

    Printing defect is it? I thought they purposely print like that for marketing purposes


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