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Friday, July 22, 2011

Showdown by Tilly Bagshawe

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DESCRIPTION: Bobby Cameron is a cowboy through and through. One of America's most skilled horse trainers, he has inherited his father's magnificent ranch in California's Santa Ynez Valley. Now, land rich but cash poor, Bobby travels the world trying to raise money to support his beloved ranch by taking jobs breaking horses for their wealthy owners.

Milly Lockwood Groves, daughter of a millionaire breeder in Newmarket, England, is determined to become a world-class jockey--but her family has other plans for her, and are forcing her to take her place in British society. But Milly's life is about to be changed forever by the arrival of the gorgeous, enigmatic cowboy Bobby Cameron. Following him to America to realize her dreams, she risks losing her innocence and her heart in the process.

My Comments :

I saw this book at BookXcess Facebook. Can't help myself. Must get this book.Finally got it recently.

This book is different from the two Tilly Bagshawe books that I have read before. Unlike the previous books, it's more about relationship instead of mystery and suspense

The characters were well developed. It's believable that Bobby Cameron who grew up without much support from his father nor his mother, would feel insecure when comes to loving a woman. Being independent leads him to be quite prideful. Because of that pride of his and his refusal to listen to those who are more experienced, he nearly lost the very thing he was trying to save.

However, I don't much like the character Milly. Yes, she comes from a wealthy family and is portrayed as the only family member who have talent. This character just doesn't "click" for me. At one point she was headstrong, ambitious and have a loving heart. Then at another she was like very vulnerable and naive.

This book reminds me of "Shattered Hearts" by Cleffairy. There are many unexpected twist and turns thrown in. It mirrored life itself.

This is a good read although I would preferred be something like Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game and After the Darkness.


  1. >.< One of these days, I must go and read Tilly's works.

  2. Interesting sight. I have got to find time to read again. Ever since my kids entered this world I have put my own reading time on the backburner. This looks interesting. Becky from VB

  3. Hey, happy to follow you here too! I'm having a book company prize sponsor for our Battles of The Leading Men, so keep checking back for them, and link up. If you win, you have another review:) Great blog!

  4. Cleffairy

    I know you dont like Chit Lit. I recommend you to try out her sidney sheldon's books

  5. Becky

    With kids around, it's hard to get on with reading.

    Am nuts about my reading, so by hook or crook will find time to read.

  6. Courtney

    thanks. have been checking out your blog but sometimes didnt leve comment :)


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