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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Princes' Brides by Sandra Marton

It has been a long time sine I pick up a Mills & Boon book. I bet you know what M&B book entails. Yup...loads of romance.

This book is of no exception. There are 3 stories in this book and all of it involves Princes.

The first story "The Italian Prince's Pregnant Bride" tells the story of Prince Nicolo who valued his freedom very much. In all his relationships, he made it clear that he wants no strings attached..that is till he literally bumped into Aimee. It was love at first sight but he had yet to know it.

They got off at the wrong footing but somehow that night they end up having a one night stand.

He can't get her face off his memory. There was a big shock when he meet Aimee again. On the same day, both discovered that Aimee is carrying his baby.

Being the "gentlemen" he was, Prince Nicolo" felt obligated to marry her. However, Aimee was an independent woman and is not about to swoon at his proposal.

The second story "The Greek Prince's Chosen Wife", is more exciting. Prince Damien who is a good pal of Prince Nicolo was nursing a wound. His trust have been betrayed by someone he thought he loved.

Then out of the blue found himself face-to-face with Ivy, a woman who claimed that she is carrying his baby although he had never in his life met him before. A check confirmed that he is indeed the father of the baby.

In the final story "The Spanish Prince's Virgin Bride", Prince Lucas was unhappy when he was "duped" by his grandfather into a marriage contract with a penniless bride, Alyssa. It was claimed that Alyssa is a virgin. However, her reaction to his advances speak differently.

Would he honour the Marriage contract?

Overall, these 3 stories are quite good for M&B. It's something fresh after reading so many sad stories


  1. I've only ever picked up one M&B and that was many moons ago when I was a teenager. I guess we can become rather snobby about the reading of these books and yet I wonder if we have good reason to - perhaps not.

  2. I love book reviews!! Thanks for stopping by my blog... following you now!
    Angela@ First Comes Baby...

  3. I love M&B books... seduction and escapism guaranteed. Easy read. =D

  4. Petty

    Once in awhile it's nice to read some romance like M&B

  5. Angel

    Thanks for following this blog too :D


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