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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dogs and Goddesses by Jennifer Cruise, Anne Stuart and Lani Diane Rich

Three women seemingly have nothing in common but somehow their dogs lead them to become friends. They were practically smack in the face by brochures advertising Kammani-Gula Obedience Class. It's a class to train dogs

Abby- just arrived in Summerville Ohio with her Newfoundland Bowser to claim her inheritance. Her mother Bea passed away and left her a property. She soon found herself baking cookies and steaming up her life with a young professor

Daisy- with her hyperactive Jack Russell Bailey. Her world have been proper and prim . That was till her mom, Peggy, suddenly developed an allergy to dogs and asked her to take care of Bailey for a time. She meat a mysterious dog trainer.

Shar- a Professor of ancient history suddenly wakes up and found a very masculine God sitting at her kitchen. Her neurotic dachshund , Wolfie was snarling at him.

I am not sure what genre this book is intended to be as the synopsis made it sound like romance cum chit lit. But to me this is a book full of laughter. It's just too hilarious. Hope the authors won't be offended.

The three ladies after attending the Kammani-Gula class, started to have special ability. Super power. And one of their power is that they can hear and understand what their dogs are saying.

I can't help laughing at Kammani the blundering "Goddess" who made a set of very hilarious mistakes like sending a swamp of bees, a plague and even trying to "rule" this modern world who does not need a Goddess like her.

Yup. a book to relax with and in my personal opinion, I am going to classify this book under comedy in my shelves.


  1. This book sounds promising...dogs are nice, but I'm more to cat person. LOL.

  2. Just doing some blog hopping and found you I am now following via GFC. I can't believe you just read this book, I am listening to it on audio and I totally agree it is hilarious. It makes me want to read everything that Jennifer Cruise has ever written. Drop by my blog at when you get a chance. Have a fantastic week!

  3. Nice one. Wish i can 'talk' to my dog..:)

  4. Cleffairy

    Think you will like it kakaka

  5. Breanda

    Thanks for dropping by. Ya..the Kami was really funny kinda Goddessess=

  6. Nightwing

    Hahaha..wonder what your dog would say


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