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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Two Lives of Miss Charlotte Merryweather by Alexander Potter

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From the "fantastically funny" (Elle), "sharp" (Salon) author of the international bestseller Me and Mr. Darcy, an enchanting drive down the road not taken, in the most surprising company

At age thirty-one, American Charlotte Merryweather has spent ten years in London pursuing personal and professional perfection. Yet her present-day success- heading her own PR company, owning a gorgeous apartment, planning a future with her devoted boyfriend- only heightens the shock of a visit from the past.

"Lottie," Charlotte's twenty-one-year-old self, drives onto the scene at the wheel of a rusty, orange Volkswagen Beetle identical to Charlotte's first UK ride. Charlotte pursues a friendship aimed to bestow upon Lottie a decade of wisdom. Yet Charlotte's prosperous polish proves a pale substitute for Lottie's innate, youthful graces- openness, passion, and kindness. Will the student become the teacher in this witty turnabout?

The clever plotting and winning characterization that made Me and Mr. Darcy a bestseller are on full display in these pages.

My Comments :

I finished this book in four hours.

This is a pretty easy read . Plot were rather smple. Not much surprise there.

Charatcher wise was pretty much ordinary. For the first part of the book, I find it lack of challenge. Nothing much to chew on. Things only git better when Olly the bartender was introduced.

However, the ending was rather clever. Love the twist that the author added there.

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  1. Hmm not too sure about this one though I do love the thought of the beetle. Happy reading.


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