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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Starting Over by Tony Parson

George Bailey came from two generations of cops. He was happily married with a near adult son, Rufus, and a teenage daughter, Ruby. His wife, Lara had always care for him.

One day while chasing a felon, George suffered a heart attack. He was given the heart of a 19 year old. From that day onwards things started to change. He feels younger and more "open" as compared to previously patriarch figure.

He felt closer to his son and more relax to his daughter.

He sort of fell in love with his wife, Lara, all over again. Even went as far as getting a tattoo of her name on his body.

However, things was not all rosy and sweet. This new change brought disaster to the family. Without the stern-old school dad around, the family started to unravel. George had meant to do some good but somehow they backfired.

Pretty soon he was kick out of the house. The son dropping out of school, the daughter takes up with some unsavory character while his wife found herself with a new man.

For me this had been a difficult read. Many things in thing book were not straight forward. There was a lot of hinting and readers are to come up with their own conclusion. Hence some part things came up disjointed.

Scene seems to flash here and there. For example, his son Rufus, from a Comedian wannabe to suddenly dating a waitress and going to be a father.

I have read several of his books before this and this book is definitely not one of my favourite book of his.

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