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Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Kind Of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

Craig Gilner is a 15 years old teenager who is highly ambitious. He had his life planned out. He wants to succeed in life. And this means have to get good result in high school, get into the right college in order to get the right job.

He managed to get into the  Manhattan's Executive Pre-Professional High School. However, the pressure become unbearable. He could not concentrate and he stopped eating. Suicide thoughts were constantly in his mind. His friends thought he is weird for he always carries flash cards around him.

Lucky for him, he have an understanding family. When he told his parents about his depression, they very very supportive and got help for him. Sent him for psychiatric treatment. He was alright for some time till he stopped taking his med.

One night the pressure was so hard that he dialed Suicide Helpline and he checked into the Hospital by himself. This is the story of his stay in the psychiatric ward where he met new "friends", which includes a transsexual sex addict, a girl who scarred her own face and self elected President Armelio.

I find that this book was very insightful. Probably because the author had spent 5 days in adult psychiatric in Methodist Hospital, Park Slope, Brooklyn 29 Nov to 3rd Dec 2004. The way it is written was sensitive and the issue touched here are common issues faced by teenagers today.

What I like is that the issue were dealt in a sensitive and respectful way. Not overtly emotional. For example, Craig did not look down on Charles when he found out that Charles is a transsexual person.

Am amazed at the standard of the health care there whereby anyone, even a 15 year old,  who is feeling suicidal can check themselves into a hospital to get help. It's very unlike here were we have to get all sort of "certification" before we can get any psychiatric then we might have been a goner already.

However, I find that the ending was a bit too tidy. All well that ends well?

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  1. sounds like the sort of book we should all be reading, thanks for mentioning it.


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