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Friday, October 7, 2011

Purchases from Big Bad Wolf Sale Preview

Guess most of you know that The Big Bad Wolf Sale 2011 is starting on 7th - 16th October 2011. Today, I was lucky to be invited for the preview of the sale.

What is that to say? Wanna guess what's inside this big black bag?

Palm size books for kids costing RM3 each

Kids books costing RM5 each

Kids books costing RM6 each

Kids books costing RM8 each

Fiction. non-fiction. sci-fic and romance RM8 each.

Total damage enough to get half of the yearly Annual Tax Rebate for purchases of books

Check out for the Big Bad Wolf Sale Preview


  1. Ooh I saw some books that I would like to pinjam..... :D

  2. omg...chitra banerjee divakaruni's book!

  3. Wah! Pick here, pick there, everything tambah already reach RM500!? Hehehe....that's why good thing also I can't stay in the sale for long, otherwise the longer I browse, the more the $$$$ accumulate! ^_^

  4. I browse your titles and I feel I am in a bookshop already! :)

    I am looking forward yet scared to go! hahahahaha....

    By the way...found out that it was Barb who wrote about the Sepet restaurant at Aman Suria. Always associate your blog with good food and great books. :)

  5. Such scrumptious book loots!

    Oh wow, you hv got interest with Hog Hogan too! I saw many ppl grab Hungry Ghost(including Chee Yee), interesting!

  6. gosh.. hindi bindi? hulk hogan? hahahaa..u er.. what books...wish i could go to your mini library and take my pick from there!

  7. Wow, that is some haul, scrolling down your titles makes me feel like its my birthday and christmas all rolled into one.

    Yeah for Paddington.

  8. OMG satu bag besar ke? ha ha ha wow how much you pay for all of it? nak mengangkat mesti lenguh satu badan lain kali mamarazzi must bring bag with roda one

  9. i am so drooling over the books! nice loot!

  10. *drool .... I saw some books I would so super love to have bought ! :) Maybe this is an omen that I need to go there again *excuses, excuses :p

  11. MisSue CZ

    Ya i was delighted to find this book

  12. Mell-o

    Ni bag roda la ni....tak sampai seribu yet...kekeke...hampir aje

  13. Nice choice..I've read Snow Flower by Lisa See, love her books :))BTW, thanks for dropping by at my blog

  14. Wow... u must be one of those with overflowing boxes/trolleys. hahaha


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