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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

Another germ...oppss...I mean gem from BBWS. (RM8 hardcover)

The story starts with a Peeping Tom Sheriff, snapping photos of naked sunbathing co-ed girls.He was "caught" by a mysterious stranger with a fierce dog. The mysterious strange was Logan Thibault, an ex-US Marine.

Logan have been extremely "lucky"during his tour of duty in the Marine. In fact, he was so lucky till his fellows Marine were kinda scared of him. His team members were killed and injure in the war. However, Logan again and again was safe.

His lucky streak begin on his 3rd tour of duty in Iraq where he picked up the photograph of a young woman. Nobody claims the photo. His best friend, Victor, believes that this photo is Logan's Lucky Charm.

When he came home he can't get his mind off the photo. Victor had cautioned him not to loose the photo else bad luck will come to him and that he owes a debt to the woman in the photo. Victor told him that he must go and find the woman in the photo to settle his debt or else things would never be balanced.

Something happened and it pushed Logan to start his search...on foot. He walked alone expect for his dog Zeus, search for the woman in the photograph. And when he finally found her, he thought he knew what he must do . But there seems to be more to it that what meets the eyes.

The woman in question is Elizabeth, a single mother to a delightful boy Ben. Her ex-husband  is still very possessive towards her. And Logan found himself falling for her.

This story really gives me the creeps... in a good sort of way. Why not? There a ghost, a pretty outspoken granny and a damsel in distress. If that is not enough to keep the page turning, I don;t know what will. I wish I can tell you how clever the ending is but I guess it's better to read it for yourself. Its enough to say that the ending will bring out your tears or sorrow and tears of happiness.

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