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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Marrying Mom by Olivia Goldsmith

I picked up this book at the recent BBWS. Can't say that I liked all her books but since this cost only RM8, it was worth the risk.

The story about three siblings, Sigourney(Susan), Sharon and Bruce, who panicked when their widowed mother Phyllis decided to move to New York City from Florida. She was not the best mom in the world and had not been there for them when they needed her but out of the sudden, her conscience got to her and she felt the need to go NYC to help straighten their lives.

Sigourney changed her name from Susan coz it was too plain. She seems to have a hard time getting a man of her own and had always felt responsible for her siblings.

Sharon married a slobs who was too happy to stay unemployed while Sigourney help out financially with the kids educations and needs.

Bruce is gay and had hard time on commitment. His business is going down the drain.

When Phyllis decided to pay them a visit, they were horrified and worried that she will interfere with their life. Out of panic, the hatch up a plan to marry off mommy dearest to the next available man (preferably rich and can help them financially).

This may not be as good as The First Wives Club but it was sure entertaining and a hilarious read. Definitely pick you out of your gloom.

Some parts were a bit corny but does spice up the story.

The author sure had a lot of sense of humour and put in many punchline in this book.

I love it

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  1. Glad you enjoyed this one, I must admit that I wouldn't have picked it up just looking at the cover which I thought very nondescript but your review has made me want to take a further look.


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