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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

George Washington's Socks by Elvira Woodruff

Forgotten when I bought this book but I know it's from BookXcess bargain bin. RM3 only. Not bad ya?

It's about the adventure of 5 children. They were camping out at their backyard and reading a historical book on George Washington when they were transported back into time. They landed back into time where the battle at Trenton was to commence. Would they be able to survive and finds their way back to their own timeline?

I know this book is a bit "young" for me as it's actually meant for young readers. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the story very much. It's very detailed and helps the readers to think as they read.

Am sure you have swotted for your History papers exam. Cramming all those dates and events while hoping you will be able to write it out again during your examination. Well, this book really makes the events easy to remember. Not doubt its history mixed with fiction but surely with proper guidance, young readers will learn which is facts and which is fiction. They will sure to have fun for their history lesson.

In page 144, Matt said " I thought this was supposed to be one of the good wars. The rebels were supposed to be the good guys, but maybe there's no such thing as just good guys fighting bad guys. It seems there's good and bad on both sides. And you know, the funny ting is that sometimes they're really fighting for the same things. My friend Israel, I don't think that he was all that different from Gustav, except for the uniform. Maybe if it weren't for the different uniforms, they could have been friends, instead of ending up like this"

I love this part. Not only that this books gives history lesson but also lesson in humanity.

How I wish someone would write a book like this for my country's history. Maybe then, our kids would enjoy the History subject more. I recall some of my classmates hated History lesson. To them, it's a dead subject. Just have to memorise the facts and dates then write it out again during the test.

However, I like History lesson. It comes easy for me as I treat it as reading a story book.

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