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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Charm School by Nelson DeMille

Young Gregory Fisher was an American on a holiday trip in Russia. He was young and daring. It was most unusual for tourist to drive around on their own there. Normally tourist would join a tour group but not Fisher. He drove around on his own.

All was well till he "bump" into an unexpected man when he was on his way to Moscow. The man was a U.S P.O.W on the run. He held a terrible secret which he passed on to Fisher with instruction that he contact the U.S. Embassy soonest possible.

Fisher managed to reach Moscow and contacted the Embassy. His call was pick up by Lisa, an embassy liaison. Upon hearing the news, Lisa immediately contacted Colonel Hollis who rushed out to meet with Fisher. Unfortunately, he was too late and Fisher was missing.

Hence start a series of life threatening events for both Colonel Hollis, Lisa and people who are involved. In fact some innocent lives were affected too.

I have always love Nelson DeMille's novels. They are always full of suspense and action.  This book is no exception. There is even a hint of romance in this.

I love Colonel Hollis ironic sense of humor. My only complain is some part of the story tend to dragging.

Overall, this has been an entertaining read.


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