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Sunday, August 12, 2012

No Turning Back by Susan Lewis(Spoiler Alert)

Synopsis from :-

Eva Montgomery is at the peak of her career when she is viciously attacked by a stalker. While still traumatised by the event, she makes the biggest mistake of her life - one she can never turn back from.

Sixteen years later, Eva has managed to rebuild her life in a way that seemed impossible after the attack. Her home is in Dorset, high on the cliffs overlooking the sea, is as elegant as Eva herself, but bears none of the scars. The love she shares with her husband, Don, has become the very mainstay of her existence. Her beloved sister, Patty, lives nearby. To an outsider, Eva's world seems perfect in every way. However, behind the facade there is more tragedy and deceit than even she is aware of.

It is when the past starts to invade the present that the greatest betrayal of all shatters Eva's world, over and over. Hurt, frightened and confused, she struggles desperately to put right the terrible mistake she made sixteen years ago and finally break free from a past that nearly destroyed her

My Comments:

It took me more than a week to finish reading this book. That is a pretty long time for my track record.

What I like about this book is that it is pretty "real". The issues tackled here is about loyalty and relationships between parents, siblings and kids.


The author also write something of karma. Eva stolen somebody husband when she was young and now somebody steals her husband. And more devastating is that the person is her own sister.

I love the way the author manipulate the emotions of Eva, Patty and their kids. Although I can't say the same about Don. He come across to me as pretty "wooden".

But one thing I don't understand near the end of the story where Patty reveal the reason and method of how their mother died; where she said for some reason that she and her dad could not understand is why Eva was in the car. At one point they speculated that Eva was in the car as the mother planned to harm her.

However, it was later revealed at the ending of the story that the mother left a note and the note clearly states that  the mother know that Patty would always take care of Eva.

This statement makes me feel that there is a contradiction in the story. First Patty speculate the mother might have planned to die with Eva but the note clearly contradicted it.

Nevertheless, I feel that it is an acceptable read though there are just too many issues being tackled here. The author did a good job in tackling the issues and yet managed to keep the plot in check. Most of the issues were resolved in a good way instead of sloppy finish.

If you ask me, yes, I intend to pick up more books by this author. Am giving it 3 stars out of 5 stars


  1. You reap what you sow... well, serve her right for stealing someone's husband when she was younger. =D Karma is a B1tch...and I'm glad some authors expressed that.

  2. Oh, I never thought of the notes and that... I only felt touched when Don left Eva for Patty.. imagine how hurt she is especially she and the sis are so close... and I very mang that how the sister can do that to Eva... anyway, all well ends well..Eva was back with her first love.. :)

  3. Hmmm, I haven't read anything by this author, but a three rating makes me think I should pick something up by her.

  4. Not too sure this is a read for me as I also have a thing about books that try to feature too many issues.


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