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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Myths and legends of Singapore by Pugalenthi Sr.


The legacy of myths and legends of this island-city is brilliantly recorded by imaginative story-telling. Stories that have been kept alive only by word of mouth are now collated for the first time for your reading pleasure, Each story reveals another enthralling landmark in the history of Singapore. This anthology is an attempt to give this generation and the coming generations of SIngaporeans an almost complete reference point ti nurture their roots and arouse their imagination of ancient Singapore. This book will be a thrilling eye-opener for Singaporeans of all ages. Adventure into the rich heritage of SIngapore

(Source : back flap of the book)

My Comments :

It's certainly wonderful to have this collection of myths and legends in print for future generation. I foound many stories that I read when I was young in this book. When I read it was in Bahasa Malaysia. This English verson certainly did not dimished the quality of the stories told.

This book is a keep sake.

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