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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Fabulous Courtesan by Jonathan Quayle


From the age of fourteen - when she was sold to a brothel - Miao Hsing (Mysterious Joy) studied the noble art of prostitution.

Her beauty, wit and erotic skills resulted in her becoming one of the most sought after courtesans of Central China.

Here is the story of Mysterious Joy, telling how she acquired the arts of love, the attitudes, the postures and the secret practices desired by the Taoist sages

My comments :

I found this book from Subang Jaya Books Exchange Programme. Such a lucky find as I love reading it very much.

The story is pretty similar to "Memoirs of A Geisha", except that Miao Hsing was sold due to poverty of her family after her village was nearly destroyed when the Japanese came.

Resigned to her fate, she was sold from a brothel to another till she met with some trouble where one benefactor rescued her.

As she have no other talents, she continued on doing what she is good at during all political climate. She was like a Chameleon.

I can say that it was really interesting "seeing" things from her point of view. I like the way the author wrote in the erotic scene without it being crude. They are more poetic and lyrical.

Overall, it had been an enjoyable read. Only sad thing about this book is that it's falling apart due to "old age". Too bad about that coz I don't think it's no longer in print. 

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