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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs


When he was young, Jacob, had been fascinated by the stories that his grandfather, Abe, told about his childhood in an orphanage. His grandfather showed him some pretty peculair photographs of the kids there and have great fear of something.

Jacob's dad attributed the fear to the horror that Abe gone throigh during the War.

Now Jacob is a rebellious 16 years old teen and he no longer believe the tales. However, one day he received a panic call from his grandfather which leads to him having to go exploring the island where his grandfather lived when he was a kid.

There he discovered the crumbling walls of the orphanage but as he explored the area, it become obvious that the inhabitants of the orphange might not have left. And there seems to be danger lurking around the corner. Is it from the inhabitants or from an unknown source, it was up to Jacob to puzzle it out.

My comments:

This certainly have been one good reads for me. According to the book it's fiction based on real photos and some of the photos can be quite eerie.

If you are wondering whether it's a horror, I would say not. It's more to "X-Men " type of books. Suspense.

The photos enhanced the enjoyment of the book.

I love the author's sense of humour.

One thing that puzzle me is that in one part, it was said that one of the occupants of the loop, Charlotte, had aged 35 years in two days after she venture out of the loop.

This puzzled me as am wondering how the story in book two going to go on ad from the ending of Book 1, the inhabitants of the Loop would seems certainly need to venture out of the loop in some sort of adventure.  Am looking forward to book 2 of the said to know the outcome of the story.

Overall, am rating it 4 stars out of 5..


  1. Ah, I saw these on your FB, but didn't dare read more as I'm very chicken hearted when it comes to the tiniest hint of horror stories. >.< ... This sounds like a good read though !! Hehe . Thanks for reviewing it Kathy !

  2. Great review, I also enjoyed this book even if some of the photos scared the living daylights out of me.


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