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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson


Serena, a loving mother of two kids and wife of doctor Evan. But she had a dark secret that she had "forgotten" to mention to her husband before they got married.

As usual, secret tend to have ways of worming up from the grave and Serena family serenity is being threaten with the notorious Poppy being release from prison. Poppy was imprison for murder.

As teenager, Poppy and Serena, were linked as the glamorous "Ice Cream Girls". They were in court for murder. Poppy was convicted while Serena was acquainted. Despite that being the case, Serena was haunted all her life by the court. Strangers would harass her.

Now Poppy is out, Serena's life is about to turn upside down again. Poppy is out to set the record straight.

My comments : 

I have a love and hate relationship with this book. So far I have bought and read three of her books and I had loved them However, this book is different.

I hated the cruelty, emotional torture and the feeling of helplessness in this book. From the beginning to the end, the feeling of helplessness lingers. I wish I can change the story here and there a bit to make life not so horrible for both Serena and Poppy.

However, I salute the author for having the stomach to write this book. It must have been hard to write on this topic. I love the way, she brings the readers step by step on what was life for both Serena and Poppy.

Overall  for me this is a good read but not for those who are prone to depression.


  1. With a title like this I expected to find myself adding this one to my wish list however, having read you r review, I'm not too sure. Perhaps a read I'd pick up if I saw it in the library but certainly not one I'll be buying.

  2. I just started reading this book! :D and it's my third Dorothy Komoson book too. And I realised you have 'My best friend's girl' that I've been finding it everywhere, if possible I wanna borrow from you :P cause bookxcess no longer restock them, sobs T_T

    1. Hilda

      LOL...that book is now with Claire. After she finish can lend you.

      Dont worry about too much as from past experience, that book will come back on their shelves sooner or later

  3. I would love to read this book. Your description is precise.


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