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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Best Friend's Girl By Dorothy Koomson

Synopsis :

What would you do if your Best Friend who bedded your fiance and had a daughter by him asked you to adopt her 5 year old daughter in her dying breath?

That was what happen to Kamryn. She found out about her best friend, Adele and her fiance, Nate, two weeks before the wedding supposed to take place. She practically broke off all contacts with the both of them.

She concentrated in her work and hope to climb up high in the corporate ladder.

The out of the blue, she was notified that her best friend is dying and hopes that she would adopt,Tegan, her 5 years old god-daughter.

Would Kamryn be able to accept Tegan as looking at her reminded her about the betrayal? What about the skin color difference between the two of them? What about her career?

My Comment :-

I have seen many praise works by Dorothy Koomson. Hence, I can't resist picking up this book at last years Big Bad Wolf Sale. After all, it was only RM8. The price of a bowl of noodle and a glass of drink. Worth the risk.

Am glad I pick up this book as after reading it, I know that I would like to read more of her works.

Although I like to classify this book as Chick-lit which for me usually translated as no need to think much when reading, but this is not one of those books. It kept me wondering and I was amazed on how Kamryn was able to cope with the life as a "mother" to Tegan.

It was not smooth sailing all the way. The problems 'highlighted' by the author are possible and the solution were logical.

One thing that I did not like about this book is the ending was a bit too tidy.

Overall, I gave it 4 stars out of 5.

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  1. I read this book too!

    I liked it that it was only revealed half way thru the book that Kamryn is black while Adele, Nate and Tegan are white. (how someone assumed that Kamryn was the maid when she went out shampoo hunting for Tegan). Interesting how we assume things.


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