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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

THe Last Promise By Richard Paul Evan

This is another good book. Thanks to Jenna for lending me this Book.

It's a Cinderella story turns bad. Eliana, a small town girl who went to Italy for her last two month study was swept of her feet by a handsome Italian man. His name is Maurizio and he is well connected.

When they were courting all things are fine but after marriage, Maurizio turned out to have the Male chauvinism  trait. He expected Eliana to serve him hand and foot. He very much controlled her entire life. Not only that. He frequently left Eliana with their asthmatic son for business trips and these trips involves many love affair. Eliana know about this but she can't do anything about it  as Maurizio had threaten to take their son Alessio away from her.

Eliana thought she can turn a blind eye on the love affairs. That is until the arrival of their new tenant, Ross. An American who is working illegally as a Tour Guide Assistant.

Their attraction is mutual that is until Maurizio got to know about it. He took Alessio away from Eliana. Eliana was frantic and was willing to sacrificed everything to get her son back and this include her own happiness.

I am glad that I did not give up on this book. At the beginning I find it hard to start reading. But as I get along, things starts to reveal themselves.

Lovely book. Now I hope get my hands on his other books especially "The Christmas Box"


  1. Kindly do not give me this book. Sure I go depressed wan. LOL... haizz... men like that wan la... before marry, aiyoo... so guai... I luv you forever la... u die I die la... after marry you... all promises oso lupa liao la... babi hutan species la!

  2. Cleff

    hahaha...romance story like that la


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